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Art By Jeremy Say
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Art By Cory Say
- Pencil Sketches
- Pastel/Chalk
- Prizmacolor
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Check out the
new mural art
and buisness
One of our
latest projects
was this comic
book cover for
Panhandle High
It's possible
that we may
begin a serious
of our own soon!
A new line of
shirt designs
hopefully in
stores soon!
Welcome to our home sight. Here you can browse around the Art Gallery,
and get an idea of what we do. If you see anything you like, let us know.
Or if you have an idea of something, and you want us to draw it for you,
wether it be for a shirt, or just a print, or wall mural, e-mail us at
pooh-did@swbell.net , and we'll get right on it
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